Grady K. Bergen

Patent & Trademark Attorney Specializing in Intellectual Property Law in Dallas, Texas

Patents & Trademarks

Grady K. Bergen handles patent prepartion and prosecution, trademark registration applications and searches when you want to use a service mark for your logo, brand, service, or product. He also helps you file for a patent protect your original invention. 


Receive the copyright protection you deserve for your original works by consulting with Grady Bergen. He offers assistance with applying for copyright registration to claim ownership of a published or publicly distributed creation.


Our Story

Mr. Bergen is an experienced patent and trademark attorney with an office located in Dallas, Texas. Mr. Bergen serves both large and small businesses, meeting their intellectual property legal needs. He puts his experience and know-how to work for you every day, keeping abreast of the latest developments in intellectual property law and ensuring a high level of competent, dedicated, and responsive service.

If you have an invention you want patented, are thinking of using a new trademark, logo, or slogan for your product or service, or are not sure whether you need copyright protection for a work you created, consult with Grady Bergen. As a registered patent and trademark attorney with more than 20 years of experience, he specializes in all areas of intellectual property law.

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